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At Square Peg Gallery, we celebrate the beauty of individuality through art. Our collection is curated with care, offering a wide range of hand-drawn art products, wall art canvases, and framed portraits.

From captivating landscapes to vibrant pop art, discover pieces that speak to your unique taste. Crafted with passion, each piece tells a story. Step into our world, where art meets soul.

Order some of our art online, directly from the artist...

Some of our art can be ordered online directly from the artist and shipped to Europe and the US.

This stunning 'Motherlove' design is one of our favourites, which you can get in multiple sizes and styles from Howlmouth themselves.

Our Current Artists

Alice Pool

Alice makes large colorful paintings. Her brushwork is simply masterful and the end result stunning.

Kathryn Brouwer

Kathryn skilfully portrays some local Haarlem and Dutch scenes on beautifully crafted products.

Mark Thatcher

From meticulous drawings of interesting objects to amusing caricatures, Mark has a vast array of captivating pieces.

Akansha Pradhan

Akansha’s creations are clearly done out of love, and her precise penwork and unusual use of colour captures the imagination.

Natascha Westebring-Borstlap

Natascha's landscapes evoke a sense of tranquility, capturing the essence of the Dutch countryside with a unique allure.

Audrey Serida-Wichman

Audrey’s art adds vibrancy with beautifully delicate brushwork. Her enchanting still life peices are a particular favourite.


Howlmouth is a digital artist who works in an array of styles from pen and ink line drawings to giant comic style posters.

About Us

Square Peg Gallery, nestled in the heart of Haarlem, North Holland, embodies the spirit of creativity and individuality. Since our inception, we've been dedicated to showcasing a diverse range of art, from hand-drawn pieces to exquisite wall art canvases and framed portraits. Our gallery is a haven for art lovers, offering landscapes, still life, local scenes, and pop art that resonate with various tastes and preferences.

Beyond our digital presence, our physical store in Haarlem allows us to connect with the community and share our passion for art. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for your home or a gift for a loved one, Square Peg Gallery is committed to providing personalized and heartfelt service. Discover the perfect piece that fits your space and soul at Square Peg Gallery.



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